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15.04.2010 R.I.P. Peter Steele (Type 'O' Negative)... The whole epoch has gone with you...


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29.06.2009 The official press-release:

Medievil "Atruta" - licensed release by Crash Music/EMI.

This June the US-based label Crash Music Inc. (Malevolent Creation, Vader, Disgorge, Holy Moses, Flotsam & Jetsam, etc) has released the "Atruta" album of Belarusian black art formation Medievil under Griffin Music
license for the USA market. The CD also includes 2 professional videos for the songs "Blood Comes Black" and "In Gloom and Spikes".

EMI is handling the exclusive distribution of the album.

"Atruta" ("Poison" in Belarusian) is a conceptual, full-length album of Medievil. Heavy and hypnotically black, it depicts the atmosphere of cold Belarusian autumn, soaked with swampland' feeling of stagnation, decay and radioactive industrial disintegration. The theme of poison is binding all the tracks on this album. Spreading around as bile, “Atruta” is meant to be an embodiment of evolutionary black art.

03.04.2009 The working name of the upcoming album is "Murk Dredge". This effect you may see while walking in the dense fog in twilight - the treatment of light and shade through the mirriads of micro drops in the air. This looks like physically sensible clots of murk. So this is the Murk Dredge. And this is the concept of the upcoming album.

23.01.2009 Medievil is going to record the new album.

27.11.2008 New live musician - Nil Mast (guitar).

14.11.2008 Atmospheric photos from "Atruta" promo photosession, which waited to be published for a long time.

13.11.2008 Meanwhile, we continue working on DVD "Atruta Visions" - both filming and editing. And in particular, on "Medievil Atruta Documentary".

10.11.2008 Medievil prepares the matrerial for the new album. In fact, we are already working on it for a long time. Yet the more detailed info will be published closer to it's release.

07.11.2008 After the last try to collaborate we parted with Aldagil. The reason was the striking difference in outlook and in perception of music energy. Nevertheless, this man made his virtual contribution to Medievil' spirit of last years. His shadow will present in some of forthcoming works. We wish luck to our former brother in arms in his new spheres.

25.10.2008 Aldagil is back in Medievil live line-up. Additional bass arrangements are being made for live performance.

27.09.2008 We've done filming Aldagil' interview in Belarusian forest landscape for "Medievil Atruta Documentary".

05.08.2008 The official press release:

Black Art formation Medievil is working on DVD "Atruta Visions", which, as it's clear from the title, will represent the visual side of the actual album "Atruta", released by Griffin Music in spring 2007.

The DVD will be saturated with various video stuff and will include several parts: professional live video, video clips ("Blood Comes Black", "In Gloom And Spikes", "K Chertyam!/To Hell!") and "Medievil Atruta Documentary" film (running time is about an hour).

The film is interesting both as a documentary about the band and some kind of historical section of Belarusian black metal. The filming was done throughout a year. Now all the footage is being processed and edited.

The release will be announced later.

12.07.2008 New live photos from "Postapocalypse" fest (Kyiv).

05.06.2008 Medievil will perform "Atruta" in new industrialized format specially for "Postapocalypse" fest (15-th june 2008, Kyiv). In fact, this BM/industrial interpretation should be embodied in the next Medievil album, but we decided to do it right now.

28.05.2008 We split our ways with Burglar due to his visa problems.

25.05.2008 More live photos in the gallery.

23.03.2008 The main part of documentary filming is done. Aldagil shots were filmed in Bulgaria.

14.01.2008 The significant part of the upcoming DVD "Atruta Visions" is the documentary about Medievil. It is being filmed periodically starting from the summer 2007.

11.11.2007 Be sure to chek out Medievil MySpace and YouTube profiles.

22.09.2007 Now We are working on "Atruta Visions" DVD, which will include recent Medievil professional live video, video clips and some bonus stuff.

15.07.2007 CD "Atruta" is also available through Supernal Music.

23.06.2007 CD "Atruta" is available worldwide through Red Stream Inc.

08.06.2007 In Blearus CD "Atruta" is distributed by Possession Productions (mailorder).

29.05.2007 CD "Atruta" (music + 2 video clips, 12p color booklet) is available worldwide at Griffin Music (mailorder) and through it's distribution partners. Find out the details at label' site.

27.05.2007 Here you may read Bes Trefoil interview to Music Newspaper (in Russian) of 15.04.2007.

21.04.2007 Bes Trefoil with phone interview and "Atruta" presentation will be tonight (21-th - 22-th april) at 1:00 AM on-air in "Massa Brutto" radioshow (radio "Minsk"; 98,1 FM - Magilew, 106,4 FM - Vitsebsk, 92,4 FM - Minsk).

21.03.2007 The official Medievil press release:

Medievil “Atruta” – released by Griffin Music

The black-art band Medievil ( and the recording label from Kyiv Griffin Music ( are about to present the full-length album “Atruta”

This album represents a conceptually new stage of Medievil’s development.

The theme of poison (“atruta” in Belarusian) is binding all the tracks on this album. The music is more heavy, hypnotic and black; it is soaked with swamp atmosphere of stagnation and downfall. Technically it is black metal with additions of old-school death/thrash, poisonous vocals and ragged riffs along with classic BM tremolo. Ideologically Medievil is remaining distanced from wilting near-black trends, presenting itself as “res in se". Spreading around as bile, “Atruta” is meant to be an embodiment of evolutionary black art.

The album was in process of creation for quite a long time (2003-2006), due to various reasons. Among those are the re-thinking of creative principles, work on the conceptual side of the record and physical remoteness of Medievil’s members, who resided in different countries.

In November 2003 the video for the song “Blood Comes Black” was shot. Time and location were the most suitable for reproducing the atmosphere of the forthcoming album – cold humid fall, dusk and impassable rotting forest.

In spring 2004 during one of the gigs the video for “In Gloom and Spikes” was shot – a live video with studio sound.

The recording of vocals and all the instruments except for drums was done in Pyre Rex during 2004-2005. the drums were recorded in Zaglada studio in Kyiv in August 2005.

By the end of 2005 the album was mixed, in January 2006 the mastering was complete (Pyre Rex).

Total playing time is 59 minutes.


1.Everything Poisoned
2.Blood Comes Black
3.In Mist We Stand
4.Now I Fly
5.Atruta (I Dissolve In Poisoned Rain)
6.To Nihil
7.Cycle of Rot
8.In Gloom and Spikes
9.Veil of Poison
10.The Roots Are Torn

The CD-release is supposed to appear by april 2007. except for the tracks themselves the CD will contain a bonus – two videos: "Blood comes black" and "In gloom and spikes".

In Minsk the album will be presented with a live show of Medievil on the festival Shiseido Fest-3 on April 28th, 2007.


©Bes Trefoil