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chronicles of decay

2006 Atruta
Total time: 59 min. Recorded by Bes Trefoil in fall - winter '2004 at Pyre Rex studio, Minsk (vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizer), and in summer '2005 at Zaglada Studio, Kiyv (drums). Mastering: december '2005 Pyre Rex studio.
Music - Bes Trefoil and Aldagil (bass on "Blood comes black" and "In gloom and spikes"). Lyrics - Bes Trefoil and Aldagil ("Atruta" and "The roots are torn").

Released in 2007 by Griffin Music as CD-Extra (music + 2 video clips, 12p color booklet). Partner distribution by Red Stream Inc, Supernal Music, Possession Productions and others. See more info at Griffin Music site.

Re-released in 2009 by Crash Music Inc. for USA under the license of Griffin Music. CD-Extra (music + 2 video clips, 12p color booklet). Exlusive distribution by EMI.

"Atruta" texts

2005 Across The Gloomy Realm (Shortened version of the album, split with Urskumug, released by Beverina / Kulturwerk, Digipack CD-Extra with video "K Chertjam! / To Hell")

2002 Across The Gloomy Realm
Total time: 58 min. Recorded in spring - summer '2002 by Bes Trefoil
at Pyre Records studio.
Music - Bes Trefoil and Xvost (bass on "Темень Ночи...", "Where The Winter Wind Reigns" and "Толькi Сосны i Неба Ўначы"). Lyrics - Bes Trefoil.

2002 Magil'ny Son ("The Grave Dream") (Single)

2000 Black Rat's Liturgy (EP)

1999 Dragon's Fire (demo)

©Bes Trefoil