fresh and rotten

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Bes Trefoil

Bes Trefoil - guitars, vocals
(also bass, drums and synth in recording). Mastermind.
In Medievil since it's foundation in 1998.
Bands/projects: Barracuda, (ex) Disgod, Ad Astra.


Thorngrim - bass (live musician).
In Medievil since 03.2006.
Bands/projects: solo project, also (ex) Infestum.

Aldagil (ex-member)

Aldagil - partially bass, some lyrics.
In Medievil:
03.2003 - 11.2008.
Voka (?), Kaduk (?), (ex) Nuclear Annihilation, (ex) Aeon Noctis, (ex) Carnem Levare.

Burglar (ex-member)

Burglar - drums (live musician).
In Medievil: 09.2002-10.2002, 02.2007 - 05.2008.
Bands/projects: (ex) Morbid Victory, (ex) Before Christ, (ex) Infestum, Deadly Carrion (?) etc.

Basilisk (ex-member)

Basilisk - drums (live musician).
In Medievil: 03.2003 - 02.2007.

Xvost (ex-member)

Xvost - bass.
In Medievil: 1998 - 02.2003.

Bretors (ex-member)

Bretors - guitars, vocals.
In Medievil: 1998 - 10.2001.
Bands/projects: (ex) The Tzar, (ex) Bible Of Hatred.

Svelt (ex-member)

Svelt - guitars, keyboards.
In Medievil: 1998 - 02.2001.

©Bes Trefoil